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Common Printer Information
The printers used to produce the vehicle labels in Custom Fitment Pro are made by Brother.   To print, labels from TSC are dragged from the browser window onto the desktop, and then the resulting icon is dragged onto the Brother™ P-Touch Editor icon.  The P-Touch Editor will open with the label shown.  Label length should be set to Auto.  The label can then be printed by pressing the Print button.  The two most common printers are the PT-2430PC and the PT-P750W. Some information about each printer is shown below.
Description: A USB-type printer dedicated to a single computer.
Description: A wireless or USB printer that may serve multiple computers, as well as print directly from cell phones.
Both printers automatically detect the type of label cassette installed and provide the tape width to the P-Touch Editor software.  If the tape width is incorrect, the label will not print correctly.
PT-P750W printer opened showing the tape cassette installed.  The mylar tape feeds out the slot on the left.  The printer automatically cuts the tape.
Back panel of the PT-2430PT printer showing the power and USB connection.  The EL-E switch must be in the E position.  This printer can only service one computer.  The P-Touch editor must be installed on the computer in order to print labels.
Control panel of the PT-P750W printer showing the controls.  The Plite light to the left must be OFF for label printing.
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The PT-P750W printer can support multiple computers using its wireless connection. Note that the printer must be configured for wireless operation by connecting it to a single computer with the USB connection on the back of the printer. The Brother™ Printer Setting Tool, which is installed by default, allows the user to enter the wireless SSID, IP addressing, and password for the network. Once these have been configured, the printer will access the network without the USB connection. Every computer that is used with TSC must have the Brother™ P-Touch Editor software installed in order to print labels.