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                                                                                  Technical Support
Inflation Technology, LLC, encourages your feedback relative to Tire Safety Cloud and Tire Pressure Computer. The current legacy release of TPC has been thoroughly tested in tire shops providing plus-sized fitments for several years, although the product is no longer offered for sale.  Current and future customers should subscribe to desired application services on Tire Safety Cloud.
Inflation Technology, LLC, provides all sales and installation support forTSC.  If you have a problem with the operation of any of the applications, please contact us with the issue you are having using the Feedback section on Tire Safety Cloud.   
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                                                                                     Sales Support
Inflation Technology, LLC, offers certain application portions of Tire Safety Cloud on a subscription bases and others on a per-use basis.  Unit List Price is shown on Tire Safety Cloud.  Please review our Terms of Use for our pricing rules. Quantity discounts and enterprise pricing are available.  Please contact our sales department for quotes.