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In a nutshell, Tire Safety Cloud (TSC) takes our well-proven Tire Pressure Computer (TPC) Windows™ software into the future with many new and advanced features at the same yearly price for TPC.
In addition to our well-proven professional custom fitment calculations that our customers have come to appreciate, TSC includes the new Safety Check and Safety Shield applications, as well as a number of additional features only available in the cloud.  These new features include instant VIN check, a lable with a QR barcode for instant scanning, much more sophisticated service records, and automatic saving of all the records and lables for your instant reference.
TSC is designed to work right in a web browser and requires no installation other than the label printer.  TSC supports Windows©, Mac© OS™, iOS™, Android™, and Windows© Mobile™ on virtually all respective modern devices and form factors, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Safety Check is a new add-on subscription service that allows you to check a tire's age and recall status simply by entering the DOT code.  Safety Check maintains a database of recalls, so recall information, if a recall exists, is provided quickly, along with the age of the tire.  Tires over six years old are flagged to be recommended for replacement.  This application allows you to protect your business by guaranteeing that you are recommending replacement of recalled and old tires.  Because the search is stored in the cloud, you have proof that you checked the tires if there is a problem later.  Safety Shield is a new service that you can sell to your customers for their piece of mind.  The Safety Shield service will notify the customer if there is a recall on any of their tires for a period of six years in the future.  You save time trying to keep up with recalls, training on figuring out tire age, and documenting your professional service. 
Exactly as TPC, TSC's Custom Fitment Pro™  produces a conservative (safe) cold tire inflation pressure for custom fitments.  For the original tire size on the vehicle, the vehicle placard gives the recommended inflation pressure for the front and rear tires on the vehicle.  When fitting custom wheels and tires, the seller needs to provide the same recommendations.  One method of doing this is to inflate the tires to the maximum pressure shown on the tire sidewall.  This usually results in a harsh ride, fast center wear on the tires, and unhappy customers.  Another method is to look up the tire load capacity at various pressures in the tire fitment guide provided by the tire maker.  This approach requires that you compute the inflation pressure from the vehicle loads given on the vehicle placard and the values in the tire load table.  This also assumes that you remember to include appropriate safety factors like, for example, the 10% margin required when using a passenger car tire on a light truck.  How well-trained are your employees in doing these calculations?   Using Custom Fitment Pro eliminates the need for tire pressure tables, includes all the required and recommended safety factors, and prevents calculation errors in the process.  
You save time:  time collecting tire makers' load tables, time keeping up with standards in the industry, and time double checking your work.  Custom Fitment Pro will tell you if the tire selected is too small for the vehicle in question.  Custom Fitment Pro can also provide pressure settings for high-speed vehicle applications.  Custom Fitment Pro provides a correct inflation pressure, and you provide your customer a professional plus-sizing job.
Custom Fitment Pro also computes the minimum and maximum wheel widths that can be used on the tire size selected.  This means that you do not have to look up this information in the tire maker's fitment guide.  Also, the wheel width range provides clear information to show your customer in cases where the wheel they have chosen is not available in a width necessary for the tire they want to use.  Custom Fitment Pro computes the speedometer change that the customer is likely to see with the new wheels and tires.  This is shown as a table of actual speed versus indicated speed.  If this offset is larger than desired, then the customer should be sent to the vehicle dealer so that the speedometer can be adjusted in the vehicle's computer system.
Finally, Custom Fitment Pro prints a record of the tire size change, the expected speedometer offset, and the wheel width range for the new tires.  This record may be given to the customer as a summary of the work that was done.  TSC also will, with the addition of a low cost label printer available at office supply stores,  print a Supplemental Tire Pressure Label that can be affixed to the vehicle adjacent to the original vehicle placard.  With this label in place, the customer always has the information needed when checking the air pressure in the plus-size tires.  TSC also can print the required Weight Information label necessary when the vehicle is being sold at retail for the first time.
Tire Safety Cloud saves all the information in the cloud server, and this information is readily available to you with the provided search functions in each application.  This is helpful, for example, if the customer has inadvertently marred one of the Labels, and you need to print another one.  This is also helpful should any questions arise about how you arrived at the inflation pressure you recommended.
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