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Does your business involve selling tires and wheels?
If so, how do YOU answer these questions?
Better yet, how do you tell your customer the answers to these questions in a way that protects your business?
The answer is Tire Pressure Cloud and Tire Pressure Computer:
Tire Pressure Cloud is an internet application that includes:
      Recall Check  - Determines the age and recall status of any tire by its DOT code.
      Recall Shield - Notifies the customer of a recall up to 5 or 10 years.
      Custom Fitment - Provides tire pressure and labeling for custom fitments.
Tire Pressure Computer is a stand-alone Windows-based software package that provides tire inflation pressure and labeling for custom fitments.
1.  How do I tell if a tire has been recalled?
2.  How do I document the ages of the tires on the vehicle?
3.  What pressure do I recommend for custom fitments?
4.  What wheel widths can I use with custom fitments?
5.  How big a speedometer change will there be?
6. How do I comply with the laws governing tire/wheel changes?
5. How do I make a record of my work for future reference?
6. How do I limit the liability for:
                   Not warning the customer about old tires?
                   Not finding a recalled tire?
                   Not labeling the vehicle when I do custom work?
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